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Editor's Note:The Expo builds a platform for industrial transfer, investment and trade cooperation to enhance the comprehensive cooperation between Central China and the rest of the world, and strengthen new drivers of economic development under “the new normal”, thus to construct anew open highland for the inland area, and explore a new path to the prosperity of Central China.
Latest News
Chambers of Commerce in Central China Deepen Cooperation
Heads of Chambers of Commerce in six provinces... Pub Date:17-05-19 15:26
Six Provinces in Central China Sign Agreement on Tourism Cooperation
The Tourism Promotion & Development Forum... Pub Date:17-05-19 11:00
Anhui Releases Opinion to Encourage Local Preferential Policies for Investment Promotion
Anhui has released the special opinion on furthering investment... Pub Date:17-05-19 08:09
Anhui Promotes 1,035 PPP Projects and 11 Projects Signed
Matchmaking Symposium of Public-Private Partnership... Pub Date:17-05-18 10:20
Russia Looks for Investors in E. China's Anhui
Eight delegations from Russia were in Hefei, capital of Anhui province... Pub Date:17-05-18 10:22
Technology Elements of Hefei to Shine in the Expo Central China 2017
Quantum Communications, Tokamak, “Jia Jia” robot, iFLYTEK voice products... Pub Date:17-05-18 08:03
10th Expo Central China Opens in Hefei
The 10th Central China Expo opened in Hefei, ... Pub Date:17-05-17 16:11
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Invest in Anhui  >>
Anhui-Based Carmaker Joins with Internet Giant to Exploit Self-Driving Te...
Anhui's Hefei Attracts Overseas Health Programs
Over 60% of Foreign Firms in Anhui Invest in Tertiary Industry
Japanese Firm to Increase Investment in Anhui Plant
Development Plan  >>
Mid-Yangtze River City Cluster Seeks Further Cooperation
Anhui to Build 4 Tourism Central Cities
Anhui Ranks 5th in China with 4 Energy Internet Demonstration Programs
Projects to Improve Traffic on Yangtze
Hui Culture  >>
Local Opera Serves as Foundation of Beloved National Art Form
Ancestor Worship Ceremony Commemorates Laozi in E China's Anhui
Anhui's Schools Include Peking Opera Course in Curriculum
Intangible Cultural Heritage Promoted among Teenagers
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